Mass Effect 3 | Trailer

09 Apr

The first details of Mass Effect 3 have started to appear and we will get a bigger glimpse in the next issue of Game Informer magazine.

We know that the game will pick up from the end of the Mass Effect 2 DLC ‘Arrival’ so if you have not caught up on all the ME2’s DLC’s then now would be a good time to do so.

Liara, Ashley, Kaiden and Garrus (if he’s alive from your game play) will return as squad mates.

A new squad mate named James Sanders will join your crew. Could he be the one shown in the trailer below?

It will contain multiple endings/different endings depending on the actions you take in the game.

And I am very happy to announce that it will NOT include any multiplayer.  Some games/series should just be what they are and not forced into the multiplayer hole just because.

Now time for the trailer:

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